Freestyle ‘Fitness’ Yoga is about improving your strength, flexibility, balance, posture and body awareness. It’s a contemporary approach to an ancient format, incorporating modern fitness trends and research to improve the posture of those implementing a healthy lifestyle.

Freestyle ‘Fitness’ Yoga is based upon a series of poses, stretching and flexibility exercises.

Following an exercise structure improves breathing, reduces blood pressure, reduces stress, heightens the level of relaxation, it provides a union of body and mind, and overall wellbeing.

The classes I run are suitable to all levels, options are given to accommodate flexibility limits. My ‘1: 1’ sessions act as a starting point, prior to joining a class, or offer advanced training.

‘Corporate’ sessions are available, they will accommodate various skill levels and flexibility.

Visit the ‘Class Timetable‘ page or email for availability.

Alternatively talk to me 07891-879571 we can discuss your specific requirements.