Joseph Pilates was keen to improve his physique as he had been poorly as a child. During the first world war Joseph designed specific exercises to help rehabilitate fellow internees returning from prisoner of war camps. His exercise routines have assisted many, he went on to work with dancers, gymnasts, finally releasing his exercises ‘Pilates’ to the general public.

Modern ‘Fitness Pilates’ is used in mainstream sports, rugby and football players, amateur, semi-professional and professional dancers, the athletic community and blue-light services.

Physiotherapist and specialists use ‘Fitness Pilates’ to help people recover from back issues and to correct various postural problems. Pilates can change your life, being freed from pain.

Pilates works pelvic floor muscles, transverse adominus (corset muscle) and back muscles. Muscle strength supports the spine, establishes a good posture, improves spinal flexibility. Pilates also helps you gain lengthened muscles, flat stomach, toned legs, bums & tums.

Pilates benefits postnatal mums, with pelvic floor and other exercises designed to regain flat stomachs and reduce pregnancy weight gain. In addition, during pregnancy, strengthening the stomach and back muscles provides core strength, thus aiding the birthing process.

The classes I run are suitable to all levels, options are given to accommodate flexibility limits. My ‘1: 1’ sessions act as a starting point, prior to joining a class, or offer advanced training.

‘Corporate’ sessions are available, they will accommodate various skill levels and flexibility.(Musculoskeletal injuries, including back pain, is a top 5 reason for staff absence in the UK).

Visit the ‘Class Timetable‘ page or email jn.butcher@ntlworld.com for availability.

Alternatively talk to me 07891-879571 we can discuss your specific requirements.