Online Studio

Online Studio is operated on Facebook

All Inclusive Monthly Membership £28 per calendar month

Includes live and recorded classes

Pay As You Go Weekly – £7 per week.

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    Terms and Conditions

    • Monthly membership £28. Can be cancelled at any time (no refund for days not used)
    • Weekly membership £7 Due each Friday for the following weeks content
    • Live classes on Facebook can be watched at any time. I will not be able to see you participating.
    • Zoom and Youtube classes will be posted but again I will not be able to see you participating
    • You agree to participate only if you are fit and well.
    • You must wear appropriate clothing and footwear. Make sure your surroundings are clear from furniture and any other obstructions. Use a non slip mat.
    • Jane Butcher and Fit For Your Life will not be held responsible for any injury. You are exercising at your own risk