Top 6 tips to guide you to sail through 2022 with ease:
1️⃣ CLEAN UP YOUR LIFE…… Declutter everything, your workspace, your car, your bedroom, your house, your garage/shed, your social media, toxic relationships/friendships. This can be so liberating & allow you to feel less stressed & create better energy & new possibilities.
2️⃣ CLEAN SLATE….Pay off your debts or make a deal to pause them or pay them back another way. You don’t need this extra stress or worry. Understand that energetically this holds you back from living in your full potential.
3️⃣ BE CREATIVE, BE FUNNY & BE AWARE…… Spend your free time working on your passion, your purpose, your art & your body’s health & wellbeing. Spend less time looking at other peoples lives.
Don’t trade in your sense of humour, your going to need it in 2022.
Be kind to those who are angry & afraid….even those who attack or agitate you, choose kindness but have boundaries.
4️⃣ MAKE TIME…. Make time to create you. Focus on who you want to become in 2022. Work on being your best intuitive, artistic, helpful genius YOU! You are going to have to be your own hero, your own guru, your own best friend & your own soul mate. Fall in love with YOU for 2022.
5️⃣ CHILL…..Enjoy the simple things in life & let go of sweating the small stuff.
The mind makes a big deal out of small issues & it makes the really amazing things feel unimportant & insignificant…….strange but true! The minds primary function is to protect you after all. So for 2022 you have to learn to manually over ride the minds backwards programming until it becomes your norm.
6️⃣ INVEST IN YOURSELF…..Invest in yourself, your craft, your healing, your art, your purpose because your so worth it! By investing in yourself the universe will reward you threefold.
For 2022, remember it’s less about being super fit & more about fitting into who you are meant to be & embracing who you are becoming. Everything you need & want is already within you.
Sarah Smith Killeen