Mon and Wed 10.30am In Private Facebook Group

This group is to provide exercise , information and support for all who have or have had Cancer.

Email me to request to join the group, £10 per week.

The exercise sessions will include gentle aerobic movements to improve your stamina and fitness levels. There will be strength and mobility exercises. Breathing and relaxation.

Exercise has been shown to improve recovery levels and to help reduce the risks of cancer.

Nearly 1 in 3 people will experience some form of Cancer. I am sure you know someone? My dad having prostate cancer and he had to have his thumb removed due to cancer, inspired me to run the London Marathon for Orchid, cancer for Men charity. Then inspired by my sister in law who unfortunately lost her life to cancer, I completed my Cancer rehab training. Hence now I have decided to give back and run an online Cancer rehab group. Please spread the word and contact me if you have any questions. Otherwise join my group or email