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About Me

Professional Personal Trainer Jane Butcher

Over 20 yrs in the fitness industry, highly qualified and experienced

Jane Butcher

I have always been a keen sportswoman and ran for school and university.  I participated in charity runs including Race for Life and London Marathon.

As a gymnastics and trampolining coach, I love coaching disabled trampolining at the Bunyan Centre in Bedford.

I push myself to the limit and love challenges. Exercise gives you a natural high, and the buzz can become addictive as my clients often tell me how they now love working out.

I love learning new things about the human body and what we can do. I don’t like the words “can’t!” and “pain”. Although this doesn’t mean that I wont push to the limit.

I love helping people, especially those in pain or with medical issues. Their achievements & successes are my successes. Let me help you be “Fit for your Life”.